3M Surface Capacitive


- Standard Capacitive Touch Panel System

3M MicroTouch™ System SCT3250EX offers a high-endurance solution that is unaffected by on-screen contaminants such as chemicals, grease, dirt, and water. This makes it ideal for touch applications where exceptional performance, vibrant optics and environmental robustness is required, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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- Rugged Solution for Impact Strength and User Safety

The 3M MicroTouch System SCT7650EX is a surface capacitive touch system and is an ideal solution for rugged self-service kiosks and ATM applications – environments where impact strength, shatter resistance, superior surface wear, and viewer privacy are a requirement.

As 3M's most rugged touch product, its construction combines a 3M surface capacitive touch sensor with 4mm backer glass with optically-clear lamination. This glass-on-glass laminated construction makes it an ideal touch solution for unsupervised, vandal-prone environments.

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- Privacy Solution to Protect Confidential Information

With more than 20 years of surface capacitive and light control film technology expertise, 3M Touch Systems has combined these two core competencies to create an integrated viewer privacy touch solution. The 3M™ MicroTouch™ System SCT3855EX is integrated with 3M's Vikuiti™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) privacy technology to simplify the OEM's supply chain. Combining two unique 3M technologies provides OEMs with a fully warranted solution that has been specifically designed and manufactured for use where privacy and touch are essential, such as secure financial transactions. With this integrated solution, 3M bonds the Vikuiti ALCF film at the optimal manufacturing process to ensure robust sealability while facilitating integration.

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