iCC Services

Business Planning

Use of touch screen solutions is more than just the purchase of hardware and how it looks.  A strategy of how automation or self service can benefit an organization is one of our core strengths.  We can assist in the business strategy, cost benefit analysis and best practise targets.  Our experience has seen self service technology not only reduce transaction cost but also improve customer experience ratings which in term improves customer retention and loyalty.

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Custom Design

iCC has a range of core components and enclosure designs and installation accessories to meet a wide range of customer application requirements,   though often a solution requires some form of custom design.  The iCC product design is modular and can include a range of options that enable interface to range of peripheral devices.  We can customise our kiosks for different printer and card reader options or scale our own stainless steel enclosure design to meet a wide range of uses. 

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Technical Expertise

iCC has been touch system specialists since 2004 and are familiar with the different technology available and how to get the most out of every system.  We only recommend and use components that meet the highest quality standards.  Our inhouse technical design team can design and build custom electronic components for specific tasks.  One of our best developed features has been a simple "Wet Screen" reset function for 3M surface capacitive touch screen systems.

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